Six Hollow Organs (Yang-Fu)

The six hollow organs are yang and they are paired with the solid organs to the following: liver and gall bladder, heart and small intestine, spleen and stomach, lungs and large intestine and kidneys and urinary bladder. The triple heat(er) is a series of functions...

Herbs and their Properties

Natural herbs do not heal diseases any better than synthetic drugs. They do however help the body to fight disease, strengthen the body's immune system, and help to harmonize the body's functions. Herbal medicine can be dangerous if the...

Causes of illnesses

The Causes of Illnesses According to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, there are two causes of sickness. There are those that originate in the body, and there are those that originate outside the body. The ancient Chinese knew that there were many pathogens,...

Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Yin and Yang Explained. The yin energy stores up essence and prepares it to be used. The yang guards against the outside invasions and keeps the body strong. If yin is not equal to yang, the pulses will be weak and fast. If yang is sick it will also cause...
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