Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Yin and Yang Explained. The yin energy stores up essence and prepares it to be used. The yang guards against the outside invasions and keeps the body strong. If yin is not equal to yang, the pulses will be weak and fast. If yang is sick it will also cause...


Basic (Ji Ben) Wai gong is the external aspects of the martial arts such as horse stance, rooting postures, foot and leg work, stretching exercises, alignment etc. Iron Palm Society Patch There are two types of Chi Kung, or Chi Gung (pronounced Chi Gong). The...

Grandmaster Ku Yu Cheung

Grandmaster Ku Yu Cheung was born in the Northern China Province of Jiang Su in 1894. Master Ku Yu Cheung could break a stack of 12 bricks with one slap (See Below). He also killed a horse once with the invincible Iron Palm Skill! This is a very famous story that...

Shaolin Five Family Fists

The history of the Shaolin Temple Five Family Fists starts around 650 A.D. within the Fukien Shaolin Temple in the Fukien province. This system was what anyone entering the temple would learn. Although styles and techniques were added over the many years,...
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