Basic (Ji Ben) Wai gong is the external aspects of the martial arts such as horse stance, rooting postures, foot and leg work, stretching exercises, alignment etc.

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There are two types of Chi Kung, or Chi Gung (pronounced Chi Gong). The breathing exercises taught for health, medical, and clinical use is called Lin Chuang Chi Kung. The proper breathing and special postures and movements, such as Tai Chi Chuan develop the internal energy called “Chi” (pronounced Ji). The five elements are the basic exercises for developing this internal energy, which is so often overlooked by students who are looking for more than there actually is. Chi is no mystery, however, for without this life force moving in the human body one can became sick or even die. A dangerously high fever is an example of too much “Yang” chi, or energy, which can kill. A perfect balance of the yin and yang energy is desired for optimum health.

Wu Su Chi Kung, or Martial Arts Chi Kung, consists of feats of strength such as breaking of objects (i.e. bricks, boards, etc.) But this type is very dangerous and calls for a highly skilled Master of Chi Kung to teach it properly, as death can result from haphazard training.

Nei Gong, or Internal Power, is the development of the inner muscles and organs. The purpose of nei gong training is to relax while not using muscles, this is usually done in a subconscious manner, which can be static, repetitious, or both. The eight mother palms of Ba Gua are an example of nei gong and can be found in the postures that twist in place while walking the circle and holding the postures.

Shen Gong is the mentality or “spirit” attitude, or outlook of a practitioner. Shen gong is usually done two ways, standing and sitting. It can be done lying down or walking too. The benefits are better eyesight due to the specific exercises and the ability to project the energy out of the body, because of the fact that the eyes direct the chi.

Ling Kong Jing. Ling is the spirit of being that acts upon others. Kong Jing is the empty force that can be projected out of the body to heal or harm.

Wu Wei means to do nothing. It is passiveness, quietism, and non-interference. This is a preparation posture that precedes the wu chi posture or natural stance (horse).

Wu Chi means unlimited. The posture is the “natural horse stance” or tai chi horse stance.

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