The Yin and Yang Explained.

The yin energy stores up essence and prepares it to be used. The yang guards against the outside invasions and keeps the body strong. If yin is not equal to yang, the pulses will be weak and fast. If yang is sick it will also cause insanity. The creative cycle of the five elements is: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Since each can give birth and has to be born, the relations of bearing and being born form the mother-son theory.

The Yin Yang (Taijitsu)

That which gives birth is the mother and the one to be born is the son. The destructive cycle is: metal controls wood, wood controls earth, earth controls water, water controls fire, and fire controls metal. The cycle of creation and control (or destruction) is the normal relations. But when any of the five is too weak or too strong then the normal relations will be violated and the relations of defying and intruding will occur.

The theories of yin and yang and the five elements play an important role in the study of the human body (anatomy), its functions (physiology), and dysfunctions (pathology). These basic theories are prevalent in the Traditional Chinese human physiology and pathology.

The Functions of the Organs & Their Related Symptoms

The outside of the body is yang, and the inside is yin. (The back is yang, and the belly is yin) The five solid organs are: liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys. These are yin organs. The hollow organs are: gall bladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, urinary bladder and triple heater. These are yang organs. The Chinese consider the brain, marrow, bones, blood vessels, gall bladder, and womb as extra organs. The solid, hollow, and extra organs are the groups of structures that compose the human body. Each organ has its specific function and the functions of all the organs are closely related.

The foundations of all the functions are ching, the dynamic force is chi (Qi), and the expression is shen. The functions of all the organs are originated by ching, enforced by chi, and expressed in shen.

The main function of the five solid organs is to store chi and ching. The main functions of the six hollow organs are to intake and digest food, absorb and deliver liquids, and eliminate wastes. The main function of the extra organs is to store ching.

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