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Cloud Forest Introduction

Click to learn more about who we are historically and how we came to be here in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2019.

Chin Woo Founder

Chin Woo was founded in 1909 by Huo Yuan-Jia.  Click to learn more about his history and how Chin Woo grew to an International Association.

Grandmaster Chao Yuh Feng

Many heroes exist and we may never hear of them, or of their accomplishments.  Take some time to read how Grandmaster Feng brought Chin Woo to America.

Grandmaster David Kash

“Guardian of the Middle Gate” Sifu Kash was selected by GM Feng to keep Cloud Forest Alive.  Read more about who he is & his accomplishments.

Master Michael Johnson

“Guardian Thunder Horse” Sifu Johnson has accepted the role of Cloud Forest President and is helping to bring the old traditions back to life in the Modern world.

Grandmaster Wong Ark-Yuey

Rich in history, this man single-handledly changed the course of martial arts world-wide.  Read more about GM Wong & his history with Cloud Forest.

Shaolin Family Fists

The history of the Shaolin Temple Five Family Fists starts around 650 A.D. within the Fukien Shaolin Temple in the Fukien province.  Read more about its history and how it's tied to Cloud Forest.

History of Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn more about Shaolin Wu Jia Quan and how it ties in with Cloud Forest.

History of Emperors Longfist

Chao Kuang-yin, founder and ruler of the Sung Dynasty from 960-976 A.D. has a huge role in the history of Cloud Forest.

Qigong Energy

What is qigong and why is it different than Nei gong, or even relevant to Cloud Forest? Click to read more about it.

The Invincible Iron Palm

Iron Palm is both mysterious and attainable, but it's going to take all you've got to learn.  Click to learn more about the Invincible Iron Palm Kung Fu.

Grandmaster Ku Yu Cheung

Any enthusiast for Iron Palm training has seen the picture of Ku Yu Cheung shattering the stack of blocks…read a bit about this kung fu hero

Chinese Medicine Overview

Herbs, acupuncture, qigong…these are all part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but no where near the ending of what you can learn here with us.

Chinese Medicine 5 Elements

There are five elements basic to the concept of creation and destruction in Chinese Medicine.  Check out this brief overview to understand it more.

Causes of Illnesses

It's not just about germs and viruses in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It's about maintaing a balance.  Read over this quick explanation so you can improve your perspective on healing.

Herbs and their Properties

Chinese herbs have different properties of how they are used in medicine.  Click to learn more.

The 5 Solid Organs

The Five Elements coordinate with five different organs of the body.  Click to find out more.

The 6 Hollow Organs

The six hollow organs are yang and they are paired with the solid organs. Read more about the 6 hollow organs and how they relate within the body.

Shaolin Kung Fu Systems

Most people familiar with the Five Family Fist system knows that it covers the Five Family arts of Choi, Li, Fut, Mok, and Hung and the classic southern Shaolin animals of Tiger, Dragon, Crane, Leopard, and Snake. This is true, but many people do not understand how in-depth and involved the system actually is.

Prospective Students

It is a lot easier to become a student in the martial arts these days. Let's look back in time on how it used to be done…

Learn to speak Chinese

This is an online book for Native English speakers to begin learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese.  Take the time to look it over, we encourage you to purchase the book from your local retailer or from a book dealer, such as, or Amazon books if you believe this book is helpful to furthering your education.

Chinese History Timeline

It's important for a martial artist to understand the basic history of Chinese Culture.  Here is a basic time-line to guide you through the History of China.

Library of Online Books

Here are a few books that Sifu Michael Johnson.  They are available online for you to look them over and decide if you should go and purchase your own copies, as the author's deserve your patronage.

Chinese Political History

Here is a brief, but descriptive history of the political history of China.  Politics are often what moves the people and culture, therefore, it has HUGE affects on the martial arts from China…and therefore, the world.

The Book of Five Rings

This online version is here for you to enjoy and to decide if you want to purchase the book yourself from your local bookstore, or even online.  We encourage the support of as many local businesses as possible.

Referee & Judge Gestures

Tournaments happen quickly and both judges and referees have to use body movements and gestures to indicate what just happened.  Here is an example of some of the gestures used officially in some tournaments.

Chinese Calligraphy Strokes

Sifu Kash put together this page of notes about stroke order in Chinese Calligraphy

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