Grandmaster Chao Yuh Feng was born in 1910 in the Szechwan province of Western China. The family members were first taught Wu Tang Ti Pai which was the system taught by the Chao family since before the Emperor's Long Fist was created. He began his training within the Wu Tang Ti Pai system with his uncle who was Grandmaster Lee So Chien. He also trained in the Bai Ma Si (White Horse Temple) style. He then moved on to study the Tai Tzu Chang Chuan system and eventually inherited the system from his great uncle the famous Grandmaster Chao Jung Dao who was the 34th Patriarch of the system. A famous story of Chao Jung Dao told of how ten bandits entered his home one night. Neighbors reported all ten fleeing the house screaming and crying. No one knows what he did to those bandits, but the effects were obvious. Another one of his teachers was his Great Grandmother who lived an extremely long life and was responsible for teaching Master Chao the Tai Tzu Chang Chuan Ruler. After Chao Jung Dao passed away Chao Yuh Feng had already inherited the complete system and became the 35th Patriarch.

Grandmaster Chao Yuh Feng, 1910 – 1996

Master Chao was a true patriot of his country. When he was young he joined the Nationalist army in order to serve his country. He eventually became a Battalion Commander under the General Chiang Kai Shih during the second Sino-Japanese war. During that time the Japanese captured him, and although he was tortured to the point of having his index finger ripped out to the knuckle, he never betrayed his country. Because of this he was considered a hero. Even though the loss of his finger bothered him greatly, to his credit, he never harbored any animosity towards the Japanese.

In 1949 he fled the country of China with the rest of the Nationalist army. The Nationalist took many artifacts, archives, and treasures with them when they fled to Taiwan to escape the Communist army. Master Chao was no different. He made sure he took with him original documents, blue-prints, and keep sakes of the Chao family, its Dynasty, and its original Tai Tzu Chang Chuan system for which no one in history, outside the Chao family, had ever learned. This was his historical legacy. After establishing himself and his family in Taiwan, Chao Yuh Feng worked for a sugar company as the Director. Eventually he became a village elder within his community as well as being a spiritual advisor. He also taught Tai Chi Chuan within various community centers in his area. He later retired from the sugar company and concentrated on his commitment to his community positions and his love for tai chi.

Around 1979 The Republic of China's Tai Chi Chuan Association appointed Chao Yuh Feng branch director for Yun Lin (Cloud Forest) county. This ministry of education post only employs the highest-level masters practicing the original and traditional tai chi systems. He did a lot of collegiate papers for the society as well as participated and judged in tournaments and was very influential within governmental agencies.

During his life in Taiwan he and his wife had two daughters and no sons. He loved his family very much. Eventually one of his daughters moved to the United States to work in a Children's Cancer Hospital in California. In 1982 he and his family decided to visit her for an extended vacation. At the time he did not realize that he would live in the United States for the rest of his life.

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